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3D animation

Have you ever been tasked with communicating a complicated process, or conveying information that almost needs a PhD to be able to understand? Or perhaps you need to describe fantastic characteristics that are inside the product, but not visible? This is when 3D and animation add value.

3D and animation enable you to simply communicate advanced processes and information, in an understandable and appealing way, instead of using dry descriptions. A combination of filmed material and animation is often highly effective if you want, for example, to show where a new building is going to be placed, or how well the cooling system works inside a tool. Other situations for which 3D and animations work better than filmed material are those that are difficult or dangerous to spend time in – a space rocket, the seabed, or in a smelting furnace, for example. What we need from you is CAD models, 3D designs, photos or some form of drawings.

Do you have an idea, or need an animation or film? Start by thinking through the questions in this checklist. It usually gets thoughts going.

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Technical processes

If you want to explain or simplify technical processes, 3D animations are effective for creating understanding.


Short animated films can be more effective than filmed ones as you fully control the appearance, tempo, colour and shape.


3D is an effective tool for training as the users can see the product, tool or applications from whatever angle they like.

Things that aren’t visible or don’t exist

Perfect if you want to show clever characteristics inside a product, or products that only exist on the drawing board.

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