About us

Vidéa Film AB is your natural partner for film and moving image media. We use our vast experience, skills and large network to help you with everything from idea and strategy to final film production and distribution.

We have been going for a while now, and will actually celebrate our thirty-year anniversary this year. Thirty years is an eternity in the film world and we are proud of the experience we have gained in the process. We have progressed from VHS, heavy equipment and expensive, complicated productions to a modern, digitalised full-service agency. Our foundation remains the same though: we tell stories and create experiences.

In our building on Atlasgatan 8 in Gävle, you’ll find extensive sound, web, streaming, layout and app skills. This network goes under the umbrella name of Atsahuset Kommunikationsfabrik, www.atsahuset.se, and provides us a unique opportunity to offer holistic communications and marketing solutions.

  • CEO / Executive producer
  • Ulf Gradin
  • ulf@videa.se
  • +46 0 70–333 48 47