Voith – SmartSet, SafeSet & SlipSet

Informative 3D-animations

We produced 3D-animations together with the communication-agency Ohappa to show the advantages and the simplicity of using the SafesSet, SmartSet and SlipSet from Voith Turbo. Ohappy supplied the script while Voith supplied comprehensive CAD-models in STEP-format, which we then used and converted to fit our 3D-pipeline. The products was rigged for the possibility to animate every single movement. Lighting and material textures were produced accordingly to the customers preferences and wishes. Last but not least, we also produced and animated all 2D-graphics for texts and visualization of friction, torque and oilpressure accordingly to Voith’s graphical guidelines.


You can find all three animations on Voith Group´s own YouTube-channel:


Voith SmartSet – Torque Limiting Couplings

Voith SafeSet – Protects Your driveline and Maximize Production

Voith SlipSet – Ensures Continuous >Production


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