Film Production

Film Production

Can you think of any tool that’s more powerful than film for communication? Film stirs up emotions, provokes thoughts and conveys knowledge in a quick, simple and appealing way. Do you need to describe a new product, strengthen your brand or maybe project an image of your company? We can help you with everything from idea, research, manuscript and storyboarding to the finished film and its distribution.

Sometimes, simple illustrations or short KIT films work well, and at other times, filmed material augmented with advanced 3D animations is what’s needed. It’s all about adapting the message to the target group.

Good films are always built on a clear idea. We have created a short checklist to help you get going with your film project.

Making films is fun! We have hundreds of films under our belts, and we’ve collated our experience into a process that works well for most productions. 

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Positions the company by describing what you do, how you do it and according to which values.

Knowledge sharing

Sharing your knowledge strengthens your brand. It illustrates that you are both knowledgeable and generous.

Product launching

A good tip is to use 3D and animation to demonstrate functionality that isn’t visible in filmed material.


Short, pithy advertising films to use on the web, in social media and presentations, with a clear call-to-action.


Brief clips to convey important news, both internally and externally. We help you to film and write.


Film and e-Learning are effective for educating large numbers of people who can’t be in the same place at the same time. Safety films are a good example.

Case stories

Sharing experiences and good examples is effective through film, both internally and externally.

Event & fairs

Make a short film for an invitation, or films that play in the background during fairs.  Other examples include live broadcasts and documentation.

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