Film production & complete studio

We produce films that create an emotional response, convey knowledge and generate interest in the leading role, which is often a company, a product or a service. A well-made film is based on a carefully prepared manuscript, where the technological aspects are professionally executed.

We have nearly three decades of experience behind us and have showcased over 1,000 products. We are passionate about using state-of-the-art technology to visualize our stories. Together with the client, we can quickly test if the idea is a runner, thanks to our complete studio, a 3D post production for visual effects and our own cinema.


Do you wish to build and strenghten your brand towards your customers? Film is a powerful tool for succeeding with your communication. Below are some examples of films that we have produced for certain brands:

FM Mattsson
Gävle Energi
Region Gävleborg
Sandvik Mining – Company film


One of the easiest ways to make sure that customers remember your brand, is by letting them see your company in a commercial film. Today, internet has made it easy to produce long, exciting movies for reasonable costs. You can find some examples below:

Mora Cera
Happy Pancake
Mackmyra Whisky – Specialfatet
Ski and Meet


Information will always be important, but the way we convey information is probably even more so. Film is a great media when you really want to make an impression on the viewers. You will find some more informative videos that we have produced below:

How an insert is made
Scandinavian Xperience
Sandvik Coromant – Tips Film

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