Social media

Social media

Social media has rapidly become an important marketing channel for most companies. More and more posts also feature moving images. We simply can’t help looking at something that moves. Make the most of this momentum to strengthen your brand and widen your reach.

Social media is simple and cost-effective, but only if it’s done right. Only using the channels as a megaphone to tell the market about how impressive your own company is will often result in the opposite effect. Social media is a fantastic tool to create engagement, dialogue and discussion, but it requires sensitivity and occasionally some kind of untraditional approach. For example, companies that dare to inject humour into their social media work are those that often succeed best.

Would you like help in developing a social media strategy? We are happy to help you create a plan for channel choice, frequency, which types of posts are optimal, advertising needs, timeline and budget.

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Short, pithy advertising films, with a clear message and call-to-action.

Ikon KIT-film

KIT films

KIT films are powerful for simplifying something complicated.

Product launches

Product films for social media should be short, concise and contain only one message.

Short versions

Take the opportunity to make a short version of a longer film that works well in social media.

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